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Custom Wood Design, Inc. was started by my father Philip Luckett Sr. and Rory Melching in 1979. They were high school friends in Miami and continued on into the construction field. They opened a small shop in Miami in 1979. I grew up watching them work long hard hours, work the home shows and get to know every architect in Miami. Sadly, Rory passed away and my father took on another partner, Jerry Reyes Sr., who was one of the best ever at our business and mentored my father and me  for several years. We worked on some of the biggest projects in Downtown Miami. After working for my father starting as a shop helper and finally an installer I decided that the United States Navy would be a great option to college.

After proudly serving I moved back to Miami to continue on with the family business. I worked for my father again for a few years and then I moved to Orlando where I met my lovely wife. A few years later my fathers partner decided to retire and he offered me the chance to partner with him back in Miami. I could not pass up the chance so my wife and I moved back to Miami. Over the next 17 years my father taught me more than I could ever learn in any school. I attended the Miami Dade College and learned AutoCad and project management. I am so proud of the projects we did in Miami and so grateful to my father for teaching me how to do what I love the right way. To be proud of every project you work on and stand by your word. 

After a serious motorcycle accident in 2010 I knew I was not going to be able to continue on with the family business for a while and my father and I both decided it might be time to enjoy life and spend time with our families after grinding in Miami for so long. He retired to Georgia and my wife, son and I decided Gatlinburg was as close to heaven as we could get here on earth. We spent all of our vacations here and felt it was time. We moved in 2011. I decided to open Custom Wood Design, Inc. in Gatlinburg. Now I get to continue on tradition of working great people that have a passion for working on high quality projects in a place we love to call home. We hope that you will consider us on your next project. 

Thank You

Philip Luckett Jr.


Our Story

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