This section is intended to help the average homeowner through the process of purchasing new cabinets for the home or office. You will find a quick guideline and questions for the cabinet manufacturer. You will also find out the difference between custom made cabinetry and assembled manufactured product lines. 

Before You Begin:

Do your own basic measurements and hand drawn

layout of what you have existing and  a sketch of what you would like built. Don't worry if your drawing isn't great. You are just providing the seller as much information ahead of time in order to provide an accurate estimate. It also gives you an idea of how much cabinetry you will need. 

Bring photos from HOUZZ, Pintrest or a similar online cabinetry design website. You will find that this will help the cabinet seller know exactly what you are looking for.

Think about what wood species you would like. There are endless choices. White and Red Oak, Maple, Cherry, Hickory, Alder, Mahogany, Teak, Cedar, Pine, Paint Grade and many, many more. Our shop offers almost any species available in the United States. Also, the finish color will help to narrow your choices for best finish.

Have an idea of what appliances you are considering. This will determine the layout and cabinet construction.

Custom VS Manufactured:

Custom built cabinet shops, such as our own, can build cabinets to suit any space. Each cabinet is custom built and is available in any width, depth and height. You also have the choice of any custom finish. 

Manufactured cabinetry is usually sold at the big box stores and some so called cabinet shops will sell these lines and cut them up to fit your space. They also use particle board with vinyl interiors. No glue or screws are used. They use plastic corner clips. Now you can upgrade the cabinets to plywood at a substantial cost to the customer. The down side of the style of cabinetry is that it is sold in increments of 3" widths which means a lot of corner fillers. Also the inset the cabinet bottoms which allows you to see the particle board ends and leaves large gaps between the wall cabinets. These cabinets are only available in face frame. This is not such a problem unless you want a cleaner look with more available interior cabinet space. They use very inexpensive cabinet hardware unless you pay for the upgrade on that as well. Even then, they never us BLUM or any other name brand. Almost all of this style cabinetry is made with Chinese products. 

You want to ask the cabinet supplier all what kind of materials and hardware are they using. 

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